Metal-Billy Only!!

Dedicated to the Revv'd Up Rockabilly band CALLING KINGS



02/23 Drifters, Santa Clarita CA 9pm

03/01 Rebel Yell West Covina CA 9pm

03/02 The Doll Hut, Anaheim CA 7pm

03/15 Rebel Yell, West Covina CA 9pm

03/16 Street Jam, 2nd AVE Upland CA all day CK @9pm

03/23 Rustic Rail Saloon, Bakersfield CA

03/30 Drifters, Santa Clarita CA 9pm

04/05 Maui Sugar Mill

04/12 Rebel yell, west covina CA

04/19 Sheas Tavern, Reno NV

04/20 Pastime Club, Truckee CA


01/10 Boardners, Hollywood CA 10pm

01/20 The Saint, RENO NV 9pm

01/21 Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas NV 10pm

02/03 Maui Sugarmill Saloon, Tarzana CA 9pm

02/10 The Hub Lounge, Colton CA 9pm

02/16 Trip Santa Monica CA 9pm

02/17 Drifters, Santa Clarita CA

03/23 Theory (Paladinos), North Hollywood CA

04/05 The Observatory, Santa Ana CA

04/21 Old Town pub, Pasadena CA 

05/18 Chopper Johns, Phoenix AZ

05/19 Frogee's, Victorville CA

06/09 Maui Sugar mill, tarzana CA

06/23 American Legion POSt 411, Pico Rivera CA

07/07 Marty's on Newport, Tustin CA (Wanda Jackson)

08/17 VFW Sante Fe Springs, CA 8pm

08/23 Maui Sugar Mill Saloon, Tarzana CA 8pm

08/25 Mulcahey's, Whittier CA 9pm

08/30 Sage, Whittier CA 8pm

09/05 Skinny's, NOHO 8pm

09/09 Alex's Bar, Long Beach CA

09/15 Drifters, Santa Clarita CA 8pm

10/03 Chopper Johns, Phoenix AZ

10/04 Lazy Harry’s Bar, Bullhead AZ 9pm to 11pm

10/05 Shea's Tavern, Reno NV

10/06 Pastime Club, Truckee CA

10/13 Mulcahey's, Whittier CA

10/20 Original Mikes, Santa Ana (DAY SHOW) 12pm

10/21 2550 Rialto Ave, San Bernardino CA

10/26 Maui Sugar Mill, Tarzana CA

11/02 Rebel Yell, West Covina ca

11/30 Rebel Yell, West Covina CA

12/30 The Other, Door NoHo CA




06/23 Rumors BAR, Calimesa 8pm

06/24 Drifters, Santa Clarita 9pm

07/07 Maui Sugar Mill Saloon, Tarzana

07/09 Rock orbitz radio stream, Riverside

07/13 Aurea Vista, Riverside, 8pm

07/14 Slide bar, Fullerton 8pm

07/22 Drifters, Santa Clarita 9pm

08/18 The doll hut, anaheim 9pm

08/19 South Bar &Lounge, Ontario 9pm

08/19 Johnny Finger Bar, Victorville 10pm

08/26 Maui sugar mill, tarzana 9pm

09/02 The Doll Hut, anaheim

09/09 The Doll hut, anaheim

09/13 Boardners, Hollywood 9pm

09/22 Maui sugar, Tarzana 10pm

09/28 Original mikes, Anahheim 8pm

10/08 old town pub, pasedena ca

10/14 The 1650 bar, Corona ca

10/21 the doll hut (Halloween Party), Anaheim ca

10/28 Drifters (Halloween Party), Santa Clarita ca

11/03 Blacklight district, Long beach ca

11/07 Kaotic Radio Interview

11/18 Album release Party Mulcahey's, Whittier CA 

11/25 Characters bar, Pomona ca

12/01 Frogees, Apple Valley ca

12/02 The Hub, Colton CA

12/18 Whiskey A GO GO, Hollywood 7pm

12/23 Mulcahey's, Whittier